Çerez Örnek


Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory was established in 2013 by the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) with the support of the Defense Industry Undersecretariat. Penetrants, Magnetic Particles, Eddy Currents and Ultrasonic Controls can be used to detect surface and volume discontinuities without damaging the materials. There are compressed air lines, conditioning, ventilation and recycling system in the laboratory. Penetrant section; Damaged water tank, drying oven, developer fluid tank and spray tubs, dark room, ultraviolet light sources, light meter, refractometer, various test panels and applications to adjust the temperature of the water, penetrant liquid pools, parts waiting tanks, washing section, There are parts.In the magnetic particle section; MagnaFlux brand MAG20 is a magnetic particle device, centrifuge tube with ultraviolet light source, coil, central conducting rod, analog gauge meter, digital gauge meter, test rods and rings (ketos ring, test bar). In the ultrasonic examination section; Tru-test brand ultrasonic inspection device, V1, V2 blocks, thickness blocks and probes in various angles and frequencies. In the section of eddy currents; Ether nder brand vantage model eddy current devices, conductivity test blocks, coating thickness test blocks, damage test blocks, hole test appliances and probes in different frequencies.

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