Çerez Örnek

TAI Radiography Lab

Radiography Laboratory was established by the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) in 2013 with the support of the Defense Industry Undersecretariat. LORAD brand LPX-160 portable x-ray device capable of producing x-ray at 160kV in the laboratory, hu.q brand HQ-350XT model automatic bathing device, manual bath counter, philips brand film drying device, ÇNEM brand NEB 211 model and TAEK brand Model NEB 236C dosimeters are available. In addition, ventilation, special lighting, lock, audible and light warning systems are in the laboratory. Our laboratory consists of 8 square meters of lead-insulated shooting room, control room, darkroom bathroom room and training area. Our shooting room and our device are licensed by the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority.


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