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Vecihi HÜRKÜŞ called the compressed air line, grounding line, lighting and electrical connections and technical documentation required during maintenance, there are tools, tool packs and tools that are controlled by warehouse tracking system.

There is EKOMAK brand Eko 37 model compressor, air tank, filter elements and drier which feeds compressed air line in hangars and workshops created with BOEING supports in the compressor room located outside the hangar. Airline outlets are equipped with pressure regulators, conditioners and filters. There are two compressed air outlet group connections in the hood.

They can be linked to mobile workbenches and linked to pneumatic hand tools. In addition, there are 2 grounding outputs for grounding air vehicles. There are two Cessna 185 type aircrafts for use in practice and practical training in our 1200 square meter area. Walkways, warning signs and safety chains are located in the hangar. There is also a shed front runway area. Trainings on aircraft operation and safety precautions are given in these areas.Within the hangar there are training sets for various air vehicles, components and pneumatic system, hydraulic system, air conditioning system, fuel system, transmission organs, flight controls, cable and chain and motion transmission.



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