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Internship information meeting is announced during the second week of Spring semester by Internship officer. Internship information meeting is the second week of the spring semester will be announced.

Students who register for the internship course they will not be able to do an internship.

Internship Software System

Vocational school students in the Internship procedures can be made by The internship software system or contacting the internship commission

DGCA students who do an internship through the  Internship system Software havacilikstaj.anadolu.edu.tr the address will login to the accounts that are opened through and will choose.

Internship Director

Civil Aviation Management Program Internship Officer:

Lecturer  Volkan YAVAŞ

Aircraft Technologist Program Internship Officer:

Lecturer Alperen DOĞRU

Internship Reports:

Students have to fill out the internship report and Detailed information about the internship papers can be found in the internship guide.

About the Internship Exam

The date of the internship exam are announced the first week of the fall semester. While students come to Internship exam the student will come with internship report. The first page of the internship report will be signed and stamped by the firm. In addition, the last page number should be written by hand and stamped by the company official on the last page.

Internship Guide

You can access the file by clicking on the internship guide.


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